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W1ZFG reports:

“On Sunday, January 25th, the ICRC put the first of our two new Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion Digital Repeaters on the air at the Burlington repeater site. The ICRC is the first radio club in the state of Connecticut to put one of these systems on the air.
The System Fusion repeaters use the C4FM digital mode, as well as conventional analog FM. The major advantage of this system over the other digital systems is that people can still access it with their conventional analog FM radios. There is no need to buy expensive new digital radios at this time. People who do have C4FM compatible radios can begin using them now. The system automatically switches between modes, depending on the type of signal it receives at the input.
Currently, this system is operational on the 147.15 Burlington repeater. The second system is being programmed and will be installed at the 146.88 site in Bristol in the near future.
Due to a technical issue, the .15 repeater is no longer linked to the 146.88/442.850 machine, but it is fully functional as a stand-alone repeater. The ICRC Tech Committee is working directly with the technical staff at Yaesu to resolve this problem. The systems will be re-linked as soon as possible. Once again, the ICRC is out in front on the cutting edge of technology!”

2015-01-16 21.22.37 We had a good turnout at our monthly meeting this month. After the meeting Rick/N1GJR did an overview of what volunteers could expect while helping out at the Klondike Derby the weekend of Feb 7-8. A few people brought in various configurations of APRS devices, which will get attached to the sleds. Some people are helping out both days, some just one day, some camping out at the various stations and some sleeping inside where it will be nice and warm. If interested, send an email.


The ICRC’s assistance has again been requested by the Boy Scouts of America to lend a hand at this year’s Klondike Derby being held the weekend of February 7th and 8th at the J. Norcross Boy Scout Camp in Ashford. Some members of the club will be heading up there on the 7th to set up the antennas and radio room. If anyone wants to help with this setup or tag along to see how things are put into place, please contact us at and we’ll send you details.

We are still looking for radio operators to help keep track of the scouts as they move between the various points on their course. If you are interested in helping out, let us know. Our monthly membership meetings are held the 3rd Friday of the month, which happens to be this Friday, January 16th. Rick, N1JGR, will be giving a presentation at this month’s meeting on the Klondike Derby and that will include the gear you’ll want to bring to this event. Options are to come either day, both days, and you can sleep over if you’d like. The food is always awesome and tracking the sleds via APRS is neat too!

We also have set aside a set-up/planning day on January 31st at 8am where some of us are meeting at the diner at the corner of Rt 74 and Rt 44. Email if you or someone you know are interested. Thanks!

Klondike Derby Sled

2014-10-05 Calhoun 4 The weather couldn’t have been better for this event. The sun was shining whereas it had been pouring the day before. The ICRC had been tasked by Connecticut ARES Region 3 with covering the 10 mile mountain bike course that was contained within the Winding Trails property. A cross band repeater system was put together and the mountain bike course couldn’t have been covered any better than it was by both ICRC members and some volunteers who helped out the ICRC with their HTs. The food was that was provided was awesome as well. Outside of the Winding Trails property the 62 mile course and a couple shorter bike courses had communication covered with the 146.88 and 147.15 repeaters that the ICRC owns and maintains. Those running and using that net did an excellent job too. It was great to see the repeaters put to good use for such a great cause.
2014-10-05 Calhoun 2 2014-10-05 Calhoun 3
2014-10-05 Calhoun 2

2014-10-05 Calhoun 2

The ICRC has been asked to assist at this event by ARES Region 3’s DEC AB1GL (George) who is the communication coordinator for this event. The ICRC has been tasked with handling communications along the 10 mile mountain bike run. For those interested in participating, the details are in the below link. This is a great cause, and the food that will be provided is awesome. It’s worth mentioning that for the ICRC this is a familiar stomping ground as we’ve handled other events at Winding Trails in Farmington, CT for years.

Event Document Briefing

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