In some cases amateur radio operators are prevented from putting up an antenna. This is often due to homeowner association rules, mobile home park agreements, condo association bylaws, or even town covenant agreements. HR-1301 is in congress right now and if passed will exempt licensed hams from such rules. Get involved, contact congress. Even if such restrictions don’t effect you, help your fellow hams out that are stuck with such restrictions. Review the following links: – Proposed bill presented to Congress …one guy’s 4 year story to put up a 35′ antenna most neighbors couldn’t even see. …how to get involved

morse code day april 27

Ford even got in on the celebration:

ham radio day

Tonight’s meeting (3/20/2015) has been canceled due to inclement weather..aka More Snow!


When it works out well the first time, it is worth doing again!

icrc 2nd repeater

Back in January we reported the Insurance City Repeater Club (ICRC) installed our first digital repeater.

On Feb 28 the ICRC successfully installed another digital repeater, this time replacing the repeater at the 146.88 site.

We are the first club in the state of CT to operate one of these repeater systems. If you have one of the newer digital radios that support the C4FM mode, you will be able to use it on either the 146.88 or 147.15 repeater system.

For everyone else, the traditional analog FM radios will still work as before. The transition between modes is automatic. This is the only digital system that offers this feature.

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