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Oooh, shiny and new, what do we have here?

W1ZFG reports:

“On Sunday, January 25th, the ICRC put the first of our two new Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion Digital Repeaters on the air at the Burlington repeater site. The ICRC is the first radio club in the state of Connecticut to put one of these systems on the air.
The System Fusion repeaters use the C4FM digital mode, as well as conventional analog FM. The major advantage of this system over the other digital systems is that people can still access it with their conventional analog FM radios. There is no need to buy expensive new digital radios at this time. People who do have C4FM compatible radios can begin using them now. The system automatically switches between modes, depending on the type of signal it receives at the input.
Currently, this system is operational on the 147.15 Burlington repeater. The second system is being programmed and will be installed at the 146.88 site in Bristol in the near future.
Due to a technical issue, the .15 repeater is no longer linked to the 146.88/442.850 machine, but it is fully functional as a stand-alone repeater. The ICRC Tech Committee is working directly with the technical staff at Yaesu to resolve this problem. The systems will be re-linked as soon as possible. Once again, the ICRC is out in front on the cutting edge of technology!”


At the ICRC next monthly meeting, on January 17tantenna buildh at 7pm, held at the American Red Cross on Rt 4 in Farmington, the ICRC will be hosting an antenna build project. This is open to the public but we do need to know how many will be attending so we can  order enough materials for those wanting to participate. There isn’t much time left so please contact as soon as possible. Those doing so will be able to solder up their antenna while having those with experience doing so present and on hand to assist if need be. Please email if you are interested in attending. The cost for materials will be $15 and you will need a connector to attach the antenna’s BNC connector to your antenna. This is the plan we’ll be following: