Mark Twain District Klondike Derby 2016

klondike 2016

On February 13th, 2016, the coldest day of this winter season yet, the Mark Twain district held their Klondike Derby event at the June Norcross Webster Scout Reservation in Ashford, CT. Roughly 100 scouts showed up and participated. Due to the sub-zero temperatures forecast for the evening the Saturday night overnight camping portion of the event was cancelled. This event is comprised of “villages” that the scouts need to navigate to. They do this by referring to a map they plotted their course on, using a compass and bearings provided to them. At each village they have to perform a skill such as cook a meal, get a fire going, review how to best perform a rescue operation, etc. The 5 day villages took on the workload of the canceled overnight camper village locations. 20 patrols made their way from location to location and at the end of their allotted time of 3:30pm all attendees were accounted for and the scouts were safely back in the dining hall.

The ICRC Bristol Radio Club took care of communications. They checked in each patrol’s time and performance as they reached each village. They also kept organizers informed by shadowing them with a radio too. Having an amateur radio network set up helped keep everyone involved both informed and safe on this very cold day where day time temperatures hovered below 10 degrees.

Participating from the ICRC/BRC were: Rick – N1JGR and Dan – W1ZFG at Net Control. Colin – KB1YYG at the Dining Hall. Peter – KB1KZC shadowed the scout leaders. Nick – KB1SNL manned the Start/Finsh line. Staffing each of the “towns” were: Chris – KA1NDE, Kurt – KC1EJE, Chris – KB1YNE, Chris – KC1AFT, Ed – WA1LEI, and Ron – KC1CWN. Steve – KB1RRR was our floater. Also assisting with the course set-up on Saturday, January 30th were: Rick – N1JGR, Nick – KB1SNL, Ron – KC1CWN, Chris – KA1NDE, and Barb – KB1RRS.