8-20-2013 Meeting

arps class Prior to the meeting two people showed up for the 6pm exam session. Both of them passed their Technician’s exam, congrats!
After the official meeting business concluded a training season took place that covered APRS (Automatic Reporting Positioning System).

This technology has been around since the early 1980’s when it was used to track ships. While it can be used to send messages and other information over packet the ICRC Insurance City Repeater Club) has found its use in tracking to be most useful.


aprs mapCreating mobile units that are placed on chase or lead vehicles during race events allows communications to take place as far as where the participants are contained. Just in the past few years these GPS outfitted radio devices have been sealed up and protected from the elements within boxes that are secured to the wooden sleds that Scouts push (and sometimes drag!) through the snow on during their yearly Klondike Derby events. These youths go from station to station, performing skills that they are graded on, while trying to complete the course as faster than others. Sometimes their orienteering efforts lead them astray. Using APRS the ICRC communication team knows exactly where each outfitted sled is located at and can send assistance in their direction if need be. If you are interested in joining in on activities like this it’s as simple as reaching out to the ICRC.

Klondike Derby Sled