What is the ICRC?

Welcome to the Insurance City Repeater Club website. The ICRC is a club established by amateur radio operators for the purpose of scientific exploration, and maintaining communications in times of emergency. We currently meet monthly at the American Red Cross in Farmington Connecticut on the 3rd Friday of each month at 7:30PM. The public is welcome to attend.

Prior to those monthly meetings, beginning at 6pm, the ICRC sponsors amateur radio exam sessions. Walk-ins are welcomed. Examination fee is $15 cash or check made payable to ARRL VEC. For details on what to bring to the exam session visit this link: http://www.arrl.org/what-to-bring-to-an-exam-session. More information is available by emailing our Volunteer Examiner (VE) Liaison Jim, AB1NH at AB1NH@mindspring.com . Good luck! All are welcomed to attend the monthly club meeting after taking their exam.


2014-10-05 Calhoun 4 The weather couldn’t have been better for this event. The sun was shining whereas it had been pouring the day before. The ICRC had been tasked by Connecticut ARES Region 3 with covering the 10 mile mountain bike course that was contained within the Winding Trails property. A cross band repeater system was put together and the mountain bike course couldn’t have been covered any better than it was by both ICRC members and some volunteers who helped out the ICRC with their HTs. The food was that was provided was awesome as well. Outside of the Winding Trails property the 62 mile course and a couple shorter bike courses had communication covered with the 146.88 and 147.15 repeaters that the ICRC owns and maintains. Those running and using that net did an excellent job too. It was great to see the repeaters put to good use for such a great cause.
2014-10-05 Calhoun 2 2014-10-05 Calhoun 3
2014-10-05 Calhoun 2

2014-10-05 Calhoun 2

The ICRC has been asked to assist at this event by ARES Region 3′s DEC AB1GL (George) who is the communication coordinator for this event. The ICRC has been tasked with handling communications along the 10 mile mountain bike run. For those interested in participating, the details are in the below link. This is a great cause, and the food that will be provided is awesome. It’s worth mentioning that for the ICRC this is a familiar stomping ground as we’ve handled other events at Winding Trails in Farmington, CT for years.

Event Document Briefing

Last year the ICRC assisted the Bike MS folks with their event in Hartford. It worked out so well that we were asked to assist at both their June and Sept 2014 events this year. June went well and now we’re down to the final planning stages for September’s event. Things always seem to run smoother when you return to an event, and this year the IRCR is looking to participate even more so than last year. Here’s the information for this event:

Sept 13, 2014 Bike MS Cardio Express Ride – Briefing Document

For Field Day 2014 the Insurance City Repeater Club had 15 club members show up and 5 guests. Multiple radios were set up to cover the frequencies on various bands.

One station operated on 80 meters.
One station operated on 40 meters.
One station operated on 20 meters.
The 4th station was kind of the catch-all station. That station operated on 160 meters, 15 meters, 10 meters, and did all the digital mode contacts (RTTY and PSK-31).

A total of 364 contacts were made by those working the radios. Some people stopped by for a little while and others camped overnight.
The highest number of contacts made by one person was 85. We worked stations as far away as Brazil, France, and Scotland.

For contacts in the USA we can’t tell you the number of states we reached, because states are not counted, ARRL Sections are. Some of the bigger states are broken up into multiple sections. We made contacts in 60 of the 83 possible sections in the US and Canada.

The weather was amazing, the food that was provided was awesome, and a great time was had by all. Below is a link to a short video that shows where the antennas and radios were set up, as well as an overhead view of the overall Field Day location. Enjoy and hope to see more of you at Field Day 2015!

ICRC 2014 Field Day video link

2014 icrc field day

Happy Centennial!


Here’s a link to the program guide for the ARRL’s 2014 National Convention:

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